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University of  Worcester

Originally part of the National Computing Centre, which was first established as an IT initiative by the British Government in 1966, we started offering IT qualifications in 1976 and have since extended our portfolio to include business, English language and Foundation Level qualifications.

  • We are leading awarding organizations in IT and Business, delivering assessment and certification through recognized British qualifications internationally.
  • Originally part of the National Computing Centre established in 1966 by the British government, we began by offering IT qualification and has since developed high quality Business and English certificates and qualifications.
  • We design qualifications which allow candidates to progress through levels at their own pace and receive a certificate at each stage.
What makes us unique?

We aim to be a global leader in the assessment and certification of recognized British qualifications and teaching programmers. We offer qualifications which benefit centers in many ways:

  • Flexibility:  centers can choose to offer full time or part time study to best meet the needs of students.
  • Quality: regulated by Ofqual as a British awarding body. Allowing students to complete a UK qualification in their own country.
  • Value for money: centers can offer qualifications at a competitive price.
  • Designed  for UK and international learners – our international experience allows for a positive differentiation between our degree pathways and those  offered by others.

Strong progression routes NCC Education work in partnership with over 30 reputable universities across the UK and globally.

University Progression

We have agreements with over 30 universities globally, including universities in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada. *Please note university agreements are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
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For all specific entry requirements please contact the NCC Education Customer Services Team at:
Our Global Presence:

  • Located in 49 countries across  6 continents;
  • Head office based in Manchester, UK.

3 Regional Offices:

  • Cape Town, South Africa;
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
  • Beijing, China.


About University Of Worcester :

Discover the University

The University of Worcester is an independent corporation established by Royal Charter. Its objects, powers and framework of governance are set out in the Charter and its supporting statues, amendments to which must be approved by the Privy Council.

We are committed to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities both in employment and for students. We seek to treat individuals on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and to ensure that they are given equal opportunities within the University.

The University of Worcester is a British university, based in Worcester, England. With a history dating back to 1946, the institution was  granted university status in september 2005.

In 1946 an Emergency Teacher Training College for the University of Birmingham was established in Worcester on the site of one of the former RAF based used during the Second World War. Henry Hines come to Worcester from Canterbury Technical Institute as the principal of the College.

E.G. Peirson followed Hines`s lead as the principal of the College from 1951 to 1978. During his time at the College, in 1970s the Council for National Academic Awards validated the degrees for the Worcester College of Higher Education and the former Peirson Study and Guidance Centre was opened. The third principal of the College, David Shadbolt, started his leadership in 1978 bringing a new system of organisation, based  around three schools-Education and Teaching Studies , Arts  and Sciences. In 1992, Dorma Urwin became the new principal and the Coventry University agreed to validated the Institution`s degree courses. The Herefordshire and Worcestershire College of Nursing and Midwifery was absorbed in 1995. In 1997 the Privy Council affirmed the institution`s degree-awarding powers and it subsequently  became known as University College Worcester. In 2003, David Green was appointed as Dorma Urwin`s  successor and later became the Vice Chancellor of the institution. In 2005 the Privy Council granted university status.

The institution was renamed „University of Worcester” in September of that year. In 2010 the HM Privy Council conferred Research Degree Awarding Powers on the University. In the same year, the University opened the City campus in the renovated former Infirmary  to create a home for the Business School. Two years later, in 2012, the University opened The Hive, a   £60 million facility between the University  and Worcestershire County Council and was officilly opened by Her Majesty The Queen.



Since 2005, the University has expanded greatly and acquired many new sites across the city of Worcester. Its long term strategy includes building joint community and University facilities, and expanding to a 3rd campus.

University Bioterra Bucharest Accredited Partner Centre by NCC Education – Bachelor`s Pathway validated and awarded by University of Worcester.