• Baccalaureate diploma in original and certified copy of it;
  • Passport
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Medical certificate type (original), showing that they are suited for the field of candidates.
  • Three ¾ size photos (with the candidate's name written on the back).
  • Files envelope.
  • Certificate in English B2 or online test for free only at the University Bioterra Bucharest.
Attention !!!
  • For all students which they graduated high school and have not passed the baccalaureate regardless of session, NCC Education with prestigious universities in England offers the "british solution" through operative solving baccalaureate by operating to Bioterra University of Bucharest through education level by studying Level 3 through which the high school graduates can make courses with 5 modules educational.
  • Including intensive courses English language for training, the course is free and optional.
  • After graduation are entitled to enroll at universities in England or at the Bioterra University of Bucharest for domains in which they there have been done the courses for equivalence in Romania .
  • The course duration is between 60-70 days after which registration can be done either to Faculties in Business or IT.
  • Lasting 3 years:
    • Level 4 - Year 1
    • Level 5 - Year 2
    • Level 6 – Year 3 (representing the last year)
    • Level 7 – Master
  • The program is flexible, runs in several series to allow participation depending on the work regime or program relating to the students.
The number of seats is limited !
Contact: Bioterra University Bucharest
  • Address: Gârlei street, No. 81, sect.1, Bucharest, district Băneasa.
  • For more information, please contact us between 9:00—16:00 on the following telephone numbers: +40 21/2693447,
    +40 760661860,
    +40 743182724 (University Bioterra Bucharest) or +44 1614386218 (NCC Education)
  • email address:
  • web: